Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray no lord my soul to keep

Callista, Eldest Daughter of Zeus, God of Thunder. 23. Straight. Lightning Manipulation. Born in a small town in Montana, ranch-raised.

The End

I totally did some god modding here (please forgive mes). I just really wanted Alex and Callista to have their happy ending.

Callista surveyed the landscape that she had known as a child; she recalled being very lonely back then, staring off into the distance and thinking about what a solitary life she would lead. She recalled trying to be indifferent to it and attempting to turn her thoughts towards training. She had been cold like that when she was young, never looking inside herself for deeper feelings or opinions; people who didn’t believe in introspection just didn’t do that as a rule. But try as she might, Cally couldn’t bring herself to feel sorry for what she used to be. She just couldn’t. She appreciated what she was for the sole reason of what she used to be. Now, as she looked over the landscape of her childhood, she was no longer lonely or sad or bitter or cold.

She felt something pull on a lock of her hair, beckoning for her attention. Looking down she smiled at the source of the pull – it was her 6 year-old daughter who she was hugging close to her, who was pulling on her hair, and who she loving with every fiber of her being. Callista smoothed her daughter’s dark blonde hair and kissed her gently; dusk was approaching and it was almost time to go in the cabin that she and Alex had rebuilt on her grandfather’s land.

It had been 6 years since the war had ended and it was two days until her 29th birthday. The tipping point had been reached by the demi-gods in the summer of her 23rd year on this earth and they all agreed that it was time to take a final stand against the Titans. She was only two months pregnant with her daughter at the time and was very nearly killed during the last battle – but she and Alex had survived. Seven months later she gave birth to Sophia Evangeline Mercer – a perfectly healthy baby girl who had her mother’s eyes and nose. She was perfect. After that, Alex and Callista made their way with their newborn daughter back to the States, saying goodbye for now to all of the friends they had made over their time in the base. It had been bittersweet but there was still a taste of victory in it.

They found Alex’s mother and she forgave him wholeheartedly and agreed to accompany them back to Montana to help raise their child and its future siblings. Together, they rebuilt the home that she once knew – Callista was finally able to say goodbye to her grandfather in the way he (and she) deserved. Her father would visit them from time to time to glare at Alex and spoil Sophia. Everything was right.

Cally put Sophia down and the little girl ran towards the cabin and her father’s waiting arms. Resting her hand on the gentle swell of her stomach that now held two new children that she would love, Callista laughed and let a small tear drizzle down the side of her face as she thought about everything she had lost and gained over her lifetime. She looked over to see her husband and mother-in-law on the porch, calling her name. She walked towards them and as she stepped onto the porch, she kissed Alex and Sophia gently before he pulled both of them into a warm embrace.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End     

Oh, my god…

Damn. Everyone just seems so… happy. It’s kinda, sorta amazing.

Knock Knock

Every day, it’s a-gettin’ closer

Going faster than a roller coaster…

Love like yours will surely come my way…

Eva. We need to talk.


No one warned me about what it would feel like…

Yeah, of course I do. I just…you sure? I’m probably going to spoil her rotten. 

Yup. Now imagine both of you are really experienced… See? Now you can’t blame Alex and I for enjoying each other.

So is Alex. He’s told me as much. Everyone is going to spoil her… or him… or them. But you realize what it means… beyond that?

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Eva. We need to talk.


You didn’t hear me, right? RIGHT?

…Me? Godmother? Did you eat something that made you feel funny or anything?

Baby banshee.

No. I’m on a very, very strict diet. I want you to be the Godmother… You know what that means, right? I don’t want to force you into such a big responsibility if you don’t want to.

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Eva. We need to talk.


…..You….need to…never say anything…dear lord…

Oh  yeah. Baby bumps.

It’s only two weeks in… I won’t have a bump for a bit — or at least a bump that doesn’t look like a food baby. You know I was serious — I want you to be the godmother.

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